3.3V to 5V level Shifter circuit with Transistor

3.3V to 5V and 5V to 3.3V level shifting made easy Hello friends, hope that you are doing fine with your project works…. You are here reading this post this means that you have stuck with the problem that one of your device is operating on 3.3V and other is operating on 5V so how […]

How to use 74hc245 buffer as voltage Level Shifter?

>> Basic guide to use 74HC245 buffer >> 74HC245 buffer is a high speed buffer from NXP(philips). It is used to convert voltage level of different databus in embedded systems. >> Some time we need to connect a 3.3 volt operated device with 5 volt device. For example we have to connect ethernet controller ENC28J60 […]

R2R Ladder Resistor Network DAC Proteus simulation

>> There are many ways to convert your digital signal into analog signal. Here we are giving tutorial on R2R ladder resistor type of DAC. What is DAC? A device used to convert digital signal into analog signal is called DAC (digital to analog converter). >> There are number of methods to perform DAC operation. A list […]

What is Proteus Software?

What is Proteus Software? Proteus 8 is a best simulation software for various designs with microcontroller. It is mainly popular because of availability of almost all microcontrollers in it. So it is a handy tool to test programs and embedded designs for electronics hobbyist. You can simulate your programming of microcontroller in Proteus 8 Simulation […]

Proteus Tutorial PDF

Hello friends many of my readers are asking about Proteus simulation tool. It is one of the emerging software nower days. We have already published a Proteus Tutorial. Which is a series of Proteus Video Tutorial. But this one is a different medium of Proteus Software Tutorial. This is a  Proteus Tutorial PDF. It has many things included […]

Proteus SPP

>> Many microcontroller beginners uses 8051 microcontroller as their first step in embedded designs. For learning purpose development board is the best option. You can also implement proteus SPP (serial peripheral protocol)on this development board. >> So I prefer to purchase one best development board. But it requires some knowledge for selecting best development board […]

1 millisecond delay in 8051 C Program

>> Most of microcontroller beginners begins with 8051 microcontroller. And also starts with LED blinking. LED blinking is a simplest program for beginners. So they can test their development board with it. >> But it is somewhat difficult to make precise delay in LED blinking. You can calculate precise delay in assembly language. In c language […]